Galigeo acquires Location Intelligence division of APOS Systems Inc.

On August 27th 2013, Galigeo acquired the assets, staff and activities of the Location Intelligence division of APOS Systems Inc., and is including them in its portfolio of Location Intelligence Solutions under the name “Galigeo-APOS LIS”. For APOS clients and partners, this will be a seamless transition because Galigeo will integrate the LIS software to its offerings, while continuing to provide and expand worldwide technical support, maintenance and specialized consulting services.  Read the press release

Galigeo-APOS Enterprise Location Intelligence

The Galigeo-APOS Location Intelligence Solution (LIS) integrates Esri ArcGIS with SAP BusinessObjects to create fully bi-directional, pervasive, enterprise location intelligence for numerous industries, including:


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Location intelligence joins business intelligence to geospatial intelligence. It lets information consumers see information in its geospatial context, helping them comprehend and communicate more effectively, and helping them reach informed decisions more quickly. Location intelligence creates greater “speed to insight”, and thus greater competitive advantage. Enterprise location intelligence makes this speed to insight available and relevant to the whole enterprise through high-volume queries that draw on diverse data sources from across that whole enterprise.

Galigeo-APOS Location Intelligence Architecture

Three critical choices make all the difference in achieving excellence in enterprise location intelligence:

  • GIS — Esri ArcGIS (10.1 ready)
  • Business Intelligence — SAP BusinessObjects
  • Integration — Galigeo-APOS LIS 


Esri ArcGIS System: Location Analytics

Galigeo-APOS LIS takes full advantage of the state-of-the-art GIS capabilities of the Esri ArcGIS System. LIS can use any combination of Esri’s ArcGIS desktop, ArcGIS Server, and ArcGIS Online to achieve location analytics through full bi-directional integration with SAP BusinessObjects.

Esri ArcGIS enriches your Business Intelligence through visualization. Visualization creates impact, but using visual and tabular BI information together does more. It allows us to understand more quickly and communicate more effectively. The combination makes more efficient and collaborative use of the two hemispheres of our brains.

SAP BusinessObjects: From BI to Enterprise Location Intelligence

A bi-directional location intelligence solution respects the integrity of both Esri GIS and the SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence system, and allows you to reach your objectives intuitively working from the visual to the alphanumeric, or from the alphanumeric to the visual.

Cloud, Mobile, Big Data — LIS Deployment Options

Galigeo-APOS LIS can be deployed partly or fully in the Cloud, on mobile devices, or with Big Data solutions such as Teradata.

Galigeo-APOS LIS enterprise location intelligence is the fastest and most complete way to integrate the state-of-the-art Esri ArcGIS system and the SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solution. The Galigeo-APOS Location Intelligence Solution improves the formulation and delivery of business intelligence while making the visualization capabilities of GIS pervasive across the enterprise.

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