5 July 2018

Sales route optimization: finding the best solution

5 July 2018,

The more time salespeople spend organising their sales routes, the less time they are out in the field. So, how can you be sure you’re making the right choices to improve efficiency? Vincent Durieux, Managing Director of Nhoss, the e-cigarette retailer, shares a few answers with us.

26 June 2018

Excel and its limitations for sales sectorization

26 June 2018,

In geopolitics, borders are a thorny issue; however, sectorization represents a real opportunity for sales departments. Provided you use something more sophisticated than pivot tables, that is.

20 June 2018

Is geocoding the new trump card in your customer relationships?

20 June 2018,

What if location intelligence was to become your business’s new best friend? The technique of geocoding plays a crucial role in strengthening CRM, providing a helping hand to marketing and sales departments.

18 June 2018

Sales territory sectorization: the impossible balance?

18 June 2018,

Untapped markets, unsatisfied, unmotivated sales staff, loss of time and efficiency… the risks involved in poor sales sectorization are real. To help you avoid them, we have put together some advice from our experts and experts from our client Transgourmet.

2 March 2018

What’s the best approach to roll out location intelligence at your company?

2 March 2018,

Localize, analyze, then act. The principles of location intelligence must be integrated into a company’s procedures to optimize decision-making. But how do you implement such an approach in your organization?

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