21 September 2016

Discover Data Visualization with the Power of Maps

21 September 2016,

Want to find out the real answers to all of your strategic questions? Want to see the whole picture when you analyze your data? Struggling to keep attendees attention during meetings and presentations because it’s all about flat charts? Check out our latest video and discover if you are ready for your location analytics journey!

29 August 2016

Lumira and Design Studio fusion, what impact does this have for existing customers?

29 August 2016,

Hi everyone, If, like me, you followed attentively what happened at SAPPHIRE (or better still, attended it), you might have noticed that, finally, SAP officially unveiled their strategy regarding the fusion between Lumira and Design Studio.

21 April 2016

Galigeo’s Galigeo Extension 1.4 Achieves Certified Integration with SAP Lumira®

21 April 2016,

Galigeo’s solution delivers enterprise-level location analytics solutions to leverage business intelligence insights, leading to better strategic decision making for customers through interoperability with SAP® solutions

8 February 2016

What’s New with Galigeo For Salesforce?

8 February 2016,

So what’s new with Galigeo for Salesforce in 2016?

Well, in a word, simplicity.
Simplicity is the Key to Everything…
Our extension for Salesforce, the most complete geo-mapping solution on the market, is now available in a more simplified version with extended cartographic usage for use within your organization.

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