Location Intelligence for Public Sector and Local Governments

Geographical information is an important component in any government policy or delivery of government service and, in particular, in the areas of public health, transport, education, and program funding. Many state and local governments leverage Galigeo’s Location Intelligence for public sector  solutions exploit the geographic dimension in the reporting environment of their Business Intelligence systems.

Galigeo empowers the public sector to extend standard database and Business Intelligence capabilities with visual geographical dimensions that enhances data visualization, reporting and predictive analytics. Galigeo is the only Location Intelligence software capable of integrating geo-spatial and business data of all types (transactional, operational, analytical and aggregated) from small or large databases and systems of record.

Location Intelligence for public sector

More specifically, Galigeo helps local governments to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the jurisdictional territory and the activities in the territory
  • Build and consult operational and strategic dashboards
  • Visualize key performance indicators and measure activities
  • Evaluate the impact of public policies through various data analysis

Our extensive governmental expertise enables us to provide innovative Location Intelligence solutions to help governments and public agencies to monitor policies and initiatives.

Location Intelligence for public sector – Law Enforcement

Combining the Business Intelligence data with cartographic tools dramatically decreases crime and delinquency. Galigeo’s extensive expertise in this domain allows Police Departments and law enforcement organizations to exploit the data proactively to maintain law and order. Location Intelligence helps:

  • Visualize crime evolution
  • Measure criminality
  • Track patterns in particular type of crimes
  • Identify the most common criminal behaviors
  • Predict effectively when and where certain types of crimes are most likely to occur
  • Establish preventive and dissuasive actions to fight delinquency
  • Allocate resources more effectively


EXAMPLE : Police solving drug offenses thanks to Galigeo Location Analytics


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