Livre blanc Location Intelligence applied to Communication Service Provider – Improving Business Decisions with the Where Factor

Location Intelligence solutions have been turning the heads of decision makers in the Communications Services segments recently, reflecting the positive momentum coming from other industries. Why has LI gained so much attention? Location Intelligence, done right, can produce almost immediate impact on the bottom line.

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How Communications Services Providers use Location Intelligence to:

  • Get both a bird’s eye view of their network infrastructures‑fiber routing, embedded copper, poles, rights of way, easements, central offices, service control points, towers, backhaul locations ‑as well as insight into their operations underground or on the street, poles or towers.
  • Address repair and field service problems from a spatial perspective such as optimizing the driving route of their service trucks to reduce time on the road, prioritizing critical jobs based on POP density and SLA’s and arming themselves with the detailed history of infrastructure to speed repairs.
  • Improve marketing efforts by uncovering hidden relationships such as pinpointing competitive threats in retail channel and uncovering pockets ofpotential subscribers where expanded marketing effort via low cost channels could deliver more visitors to enhanced retail store experiences and upsell opportunities.