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they trust us : General Electric Healthcare, HP, Heineken, Nestlé, Orange,Total

Galigeo for SAP BI

Galigeo is SAP BI’s Partner of choice delivering complete and consistent extensions across the SAP BI Suite bridging your operational data and location data.

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Galigeo for Salesforce

Boost your CRM with a rich geo-mapping app ! Take sales efficiency to the next level with user-friendly maps in Salesforce.

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Galigeo for IBM Cognos

Rich location analysis capabilities and data visualization. Galigeo mapping for IBM Cognos brings rich location analysis capabilities and data visualization to IBM Cognos application.

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Galigeo Enterprise

A stand-alone solution that connects to your existing databases and builds a clearer picture of your data for more efficient strategic decision making and operational management.

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What is Location Intelligence?

By definition, geography informs and brings the necessary information to managers, information now obtained in real time with the new technologies.

Geolocation of data as well as the analysis and restitution of any type of information on maps facilitate the operational and strategic management of public organizations and private companies. Learn More

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