Livre blanc Mining SAP BO with Galigeo‑for‑BI for improved Location Intelligence outcomes

More and more companies are deploying Location Intelligence solutions to better leverage their investments in Business Intelligence solutions. These companies are seeing demonstrable improvements in operational metrics, customer growth and revenues. In a recent benchmark research study from Ventana Research; 61% of participants said Location Intelligence is very important in helping to improve business processes and performance.

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How combining data from SAP Business Objects with the spatial dimension provides the location analytics necessary to give decision makers analytical solutions capable of:

  • Showing the geographical context and the location‑based relationships that lie within data.
  • Providing managers with an interactive and intuitive tool to easily interrogate selected BI data directly from the map to optimize performance.
  • Integrating dynamic mapping into the reports generated by other systems, and distributing cartographic reports (geo‑reports) to internal users via a Web interface or PDF e‑mailing.