15 October 2018

Geomarketing – how to make your CRM smarter

15 October 2018,

Is your CRM gradually turning into a bit of a white elephant? Faced with snowballing volumes of data, some companies are turning to location intelligence as the only process capable of providing a clear overview of the customer relationship.

1 October 2018

Four great reasons to adopt location intelligence in your company

1 October 2018,

According to a recent report by Ventana Research, 41% of businesses attach great importance to geolocation in their organisation and processes. Against this background, intelligent mapping of commercial and operational data provides a strategic benefit that’s not to be sniffed at. More and more companies are opting for location intelligence. Here are four great reasons to follow their example.  

17 September 2018

Is integration of GIS and business intelligence tools the next big thing?

17 September 2018,

So, what if you were to take your use of geographic data a step further? By integrating business intelligence (BI) tools and mapping systems, organisations can make great gains in terms of efficiency and streamlining. Read on to find out how.

3 September 2018

Three steps for a successful spatial analysis project

3 September 2018,

What are the must-ask questions before embarking on any geospatial decision-making project? How can you be sure you’re starting off from solid foundations?

24 August 2018

Location intelligence now for use by points of sale

24 August 2018,

Once the preserve of experts, geomarketing is gradually opening up to retail business players. From now on, retail decision-makers will have direct access to location intelligence.  

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