20 April 2017

Analyze and rectify customer base thanks to geocoding of addresses !

20 April 2017,

Data quality, a major challenge for business management
Each year, 10 to 15% of the data contained in the Customer databases are subject to changes related to, among other things, addresses, telephone or company name changes.

Improving the quality of the client database also requires deduplication actions and better organization of their business data.

It is always possible to use traditional techniques such as “siretisation” of addresses for French customers, optimization of the management of the DUNS number internationally or even the certification of addresses with the help of specialized third-party companies.

13 March 2017

Safer, Faster and Cheaper Air Travel thanks to Location Intelligence

13 March 2017,

The word triad Safer, Faster and Cheaper is counter intuitive. In general, if something is Faster it will most likely be pricier and/or riskier. Yet, thanks to Location Intelligence and Analytics it is possible to reconcile these terms to increase quality and improve business outcomes. Here we give an example related to commercial air travel…

12 March 2017

The 3 cores of Location Intelligence (part 1 – Location Discovery)

12 March 2017,

The 3 cores of Location Intelligence By Olivia Sedant, Galigeo Business Development  Location Intelligence is known as the use of spatial reference for the improvement of Data Visualization, Analysis, and Event Forecast. Through the connection of alphanumeric and spatial data an additional and intuitive view is created, which makes it possible to recognize spatial patterns, trends and potentials.

23 February 2017

What’s new in Galigeo For Lumira 2.1

23 February 2017,

Galigeo For Lumira, #1 Geoanalytics Extension for SAP Lumira, is back with a new version!

Galigeo For Lumira is continously boosting self-service geoanalytics to higher-levels thanks to its Smart Mapping engine.

5 December 2016

What’s new in Galigeo for BusinessObjects G17

5 December 2016,

Twice a year, Galigeo releases a major version of its mapping extension for BusinessObjects WebIntelligence. Galigeo for BusinessObjects G17 (“G” for Galigeo and “17” obviously for 2017) release comes with the biggest change log of its history. You are not yet a Galigeo user? Don’t worry and read this article!

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