About Galigeo

Location Intelligence software for Analytics and CRM

Galigeo is the leader in Location Intelligence software for Analytics and CRM solutions

When the geographic dimension of organizations is ignored or underestimated, the operational performance and strategic potential are missed.

By geo-locating business data and key indicators, Galigeo simplifies the visualization, aggregation and analysis of BI, CRM and repository data so territories reveal their opportunities.  Galigeo enables the processes to identify and extract the business value, minimize risks and thereby increase the performance of public and private companies.

Location Intelligence creates value in all domains

It improves user and consumer services, optimizes resources, and analyzes local performance to take action in many domains: smart cities, public health, transport, security, banking, insurance, distribution and more.

Faithful customers across all industries!

Galigeo solution apps can address any type of company and organization: from SMEs to large international groups no matter their areas of activity.

Geographic and mapping solutions can be leveraged across all sectors and business lines. A few vertical examples follow: retail, distribution, transportation, banking, insurance, internal security, telecommunications, logistics, smart cities or even managed networks in the various public or private services.

Immediate and rapid value with Geodata

The association of data with their geographical location can extract analytically underlying information to offer:

  • Improved business processes (spatial analysis)
  • A much greater use of operational data (geographic representation)
  • A view of operational data on custom basemaps

Location Intelligence is an essential advantage in today’s hyper connected and restless world.

Awards for quality products and technological innovations!

In recent years, many awards were awarded to Galigeo for its vision and the quality of its technological innovations. All Galigeo customers benefit from these innovations through the use of the different extensions we offer today.

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