Pharmaceutical and healthcare industries

Boost sales effectiveness

Patents falling into the public domain, budget cuts, the responsibility of complying with standards, the rising cost of research… the challenges facing the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors are enormous.

Against this background, improving sales effectiveness seems a complicated thing to do, but it isn’t impossible…

Whatever your sales objectives, Galigeo has solutions to help you. Balancing sales territories, assessing staff performance and finding information about healthcare supply… with location analysis, you can extract and then analyse sales data in order to optimise performance and predict sales.

To make business intelligence tools work harder for you, combine information from your sales force with demographic data. Put together on an intuitive map, this data helps you to come up with the right strategy, in the right place, at the right time and, more importantly, it improves your bottom line as well.

Real-time sales effectiveness

Using geospatial business intelligence analysis, you can view socio-demographic data from your territories in real time. Be proactive and offer products and services to the places where people need them most.

All your sales data on a map

Optimise sales performance in the field by drawing up your territories and balancing them out with the help of your CRM data. Improve sales rep productivity and reduce the operational costs of your points of sale. With maps, the possibilities are endless.

Success stories

Sales visit plan - Giropharm
Sales visit plan - Giropharm


The power of mapping as a sales visit plan. With Galigeo’s sales prospecting tool, the Giropharm network of pharmacies creates balanced sales territories.

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