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SIG Telecom - actions marketing optimisées

A boost to marketing

Optimise your marketing activities by targeting the most profitable clients or those most at risk (reduction of churn rate):

  • Tighter analysis of clients and sectors
  • More targeted marketing and geomarketing campaigns
  • Predictive modelling
SIG Telecom - gestion des zones de couverture

Coverage area management

Manage the coverage areas for your sales network, points of sale and retailers:

  • Analysis of retail sales areas
  • Comparative analysis of direct-indirect coverage
  • Management of sales areas and regions
  • Sales analysis for a single store/retailer; comparison of sales according to channels and opportunities
  • Design and management of sales network coverage and definition of quotas
SIG Telecom - supervision des canaux de distribution

Monitoring distribution channels

Develop distribution channels to supply your points of sale:

  • Assess logistic partner sites in relation to client density
  • Assess inventory mapping in relation to sales and marketing plans
  • Tailor supply chains to client expectations
SIG Telecom - optimisation couverture réseaux

Optimising network coverage in line with requirements

Design and roll out the best networks to maximise coverage:

  • Analyse network service quality and site planning
  • Identify gaps and saturation in the coverage of service
  • Assess the impact of marketing and the growth in sales in relation to the network map
  • Map the development of 3G to 4G and even future roll-out of 5G
  • Identify sales route development possibilities


SIG Telecom - l'expérience client à la hauteur

Client experience up to the demands of a modern world

With our business GIS, your customer services team will make the most of everything it does:

  • Comparative analyses of service provision in real time
  • Comprehensive, detailed data about channels, network and products
  • Map views of different marketing campaigns

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