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Data visualisation is dead; long live mapping!

As you know, data becomes immediately clearer with data visualisation. However, only mapping is capable of analysing the spatio-temporal dimension. It provides the opportunity to highlight key issues and identify real trends.

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How predictive analytics is revolutionising geomarketing

At a time when data is snowballing and real time is becoming the norm, geomarketing provides a great boost to objective and rapid decision-making. A feat made possible thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) which puts predictive analytics within everyone’s reach. Here we unravel the revolution that’s in full swing.

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Sales sectorization: conquering the US market

The US market continues to be a strategic challenge for many companies. In the quest for this Holy Grail, companies must adapt their entire sales strategy. Here are some keys to success for sales sectorisation in particular.

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Geomarketing – how to make your CRM smarter

Is your CRM gradually turning into a bit of a white elephant? Faced with snowballing volumes of data, some companies are turning to location intelligence as the only process capable of providing a clear overview of the customer relationship.

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