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How Location Data & Analytics help Governments and the Public Sector fight against Coronavirus impacts

The current pandemic is a global crisis that impacts every government - Federal, National or Local - in every country, but that also requires adapted local solutions according to demographics, behaviors, geography or economics. Relying on consistent geolocated data on territories about the situation, needs, resources, material, people… is key for all persons involved in this fight. Location

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Alleviate hurricane damage and costs with Location Analytics: The H Insurance story

Hurricanes are a recurring source of suffering and stress on people and assets. Rightly so, insurance was invented to diminish the negative consequences on humans and businesses. Climate change has increased the frequency, violence and damage caused by storms. Accordingly, insurers see claim costs increase and policy holders experience higher premiums. Is there a way to stop or reduce this

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Data visualisation is dead; long live mapping!

As you know, data becomes immediately clearer with data visualisation. However, only mapping is capable of analysing the spatio-temporal dimension. It provides the opportunity to highlight key issues and identify real trends.

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How predictive analytics is revolutionising geomarketing

At a time when data is snowballing and real time is becoming the norm, geomarketing provides a great boost to objective and rapid decision-making. A feat made possible thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) which puts predictive analytics within everyone’s reach. Here we unravel the revolution that’s in full swing.

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