Location intelligence

Increase sales force efficiency

Are you looking for the best for your sales staff out in the field? Galigeo solutions integrate directly into their CRM software, helping them to view key data on maps. Better organisation and optimisation of sales activities is the name of the game.

Sales prospecting areas

Search for new business using more promising leads thanks to better identification of prospecting areas.

Client meeting planning

Save time on sales routes and visit more clients and leads using location intelligence.

Performance display

Get an overall view of your sales activities thanks to the power of mapping.

Sales Efficiency - high potential areas

Identify high-potential areas

  • Mapping reveals under-exploited territories and territories with high turnover potential
  • According to the number of potential clients or from socio-demographic data, location intelligence helps you target your market more effectively.
Sales Efficiency - Galigeo

Determine your sales priorities

Tighten up your targets and action plans. Using location intelligence, you know which accounts are to be developed according to criteria such as number of visits, product category and type of industry.

Sales Efficiency - balanced sales territories

Create balanced sales territories

  • Create balanced territories in terms of turnover and number of accounts.
  • Assign clients and leads to sales staff according to an objective geographic division for better sales force management.
Sales Efficiency iphone

Plan and make the most of your visits

  • Make more visits by organising your route plans and covering territories more efficiently.
  • Save time by generating the most efficient itineraries for your sales visits.
  • Out in the field, locate leads that are close by.
Sales Efficiency dashboard

Analyse team sales performance

  • Track key performance indicators, such as opportunities, sales figures, sales increase, customer loyalty and number and frequency of visits.
  • Get an overall view of sales force business and efficiency.

A one-stop solution to meet all the needs of sales efficiency

Sales Efficiency - managers


Determine sales priorities and territories to be prospected

Target high-potential areas and allocate sales territories to good teams.
Sales Efficiency - sales department

Sales department

Get an overall view in order to steer sales strategy

Make the most of your territories’ potential with the use of mapping. Recommend action plans for your sales force.
Sales Efficiency - Travelling sales reps

Travelling sales reps

Streamline your journeys

Locate targets and determine the best route plan.

Drive the efficiency of your sales force

As data comes into its own, companies and organisations also need to rethink their customer relations. Using geographical intelligence, you can draw on reliable, objective data to organise your sales teams better and increase their efficiency. Managers and travelling sales people can access simple software that enables them to optimise daily tasks including prospecting.

Success stories

They put their trust in us.

Sales visit plan - Giropharm
Sales visit plan - Giropharm


The power of mapping as a sales visit plan. With Galigeo’s sales prospecting tool, the Giropharm network of pharmacies creates balanced sales territories.

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Client meetings up 30% thanks to sales route optimisation. Nhoss is a manufacturer of vaporisers and e-liquids based in Lille, France.

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Increase sales force efficiency with mapping

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