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Give your sales force a boost – add maps to Salesforce

The Galigeo solution integrates directly into your CRM tool. As a result, your sales staff out in the field can view their key data on maps so that they can organise and optimise their sales activities. And at the end of the day, you get improved customer relations and easier sales management.

Salesforce map

Geolocate your accounts, leads and contacts

You can view all your data with your decision-making software in SaaS mode, thanks to intuitive maps:

  • Geocode accounts, contacts, leads and any other Salesforce object.
  • Correct their location directly on the map simply by dragging and dropping.
Salesforce map - salesforce analytics

Identify high-potential areas

Facilitate the operational and strategic management of sales activities:

  • Assess the potential of your territories and identify under-exploited areas.
  • Make quick decisions by monitoring your key indicators (turnover, socio-demographic data, customer attrition, etc.).
Salesforce map - salesforce accounts contacts leads

Target your clients and leads effectively

Get several business views to target your clients and leads more effectively according to sales priorities:

  • Sales operations
  • Customer retention and renewal campaigns
  • Precise prospecting in a given territory.
Salesforce map-visit planning calendar

Plan and make the most of your visits

Visit your leads more often by planning your activities from the map:

  • Optimise itineraries around meetings by car or on foot.
  • Integrate your events in the schedule in your Salesforce CRM tool.
  • View your routes day by day.
Salesforce map - visit planning mobile

Salesforce mobile app

See what meetings you have that day and the route you need to take:

  • Locate leads close by and optimise productivity by using customised routes.
  • Launch your itinerary to the next meeting in real time with Waze or Google Maps.
  • Call your contacts via the app to enhance customer relations.
Salesforce map - salesforce territory management

Manage your sales territories

Your client portfolio will change, as will your sales teams. Be reactive! Exploit the potential offered by mapping and the cloud to quickly adapt your sales organisation to changes.

  • Create balanced sales sectors consistently and effectively according to turnover or number of accounts.
  • Assign clients and leads to vendors en masse.
Salesforce map - dashboards

Monitor sales performance

Get an overview of your sales activity with the simple, easy-to-read interface. At a glance, mapping reveals key information from Salesforce.

Salesforce map - salesforce adoption

Make CRM adoption easier for teams

Make life easier for your sales staff thanks to the power of mapping in Salesforce:

  • Carry out everyday tasks: create opportunities, contacts, etc.
  • Interact with external sites.
  • Browse your Salesforce data by displaying linked objects and their fields.

Meet the needs of your sales teams

Salesforce map pour les commerciaux de terrain

Sales reps out in the field

Streamline your journeys and determine which leads to visit.

salesforce map pour les managers


Determine sales priorities and develop your target territories.

salesforce map pour la direction commerciale

Sales departments

Get an overall view of the business and tailor your operations.

What is the role of maps in Salesforce?

You can longer confine your sales data to simple dashboards. To better understand your targets, their implementation and demographic context, Galigeo integrates customised maps into your Salesforce CRM. The most relevant data is contextualised, so you can better manage your sales areas and visits.

Success stories

They put their trust in us.

sales territory mapping
Sales territory mapping

General Electric Healthcare

Big data comes to the rescue of sales territory mapping for General Electric Healthcare, a world leader in the manufacture of medical imaging equipment.

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Sales visit plan - Giropharm
Sales visit plan - Giropharm


The power of mapping as a sales visit plan. With Galigeo’s sales prospecting tool, the Giropharm network of pharmacies creates balanced sales territories.

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Salesforce adoption
Salesforce adoption - Heineken


Boosting CRM adoption with location intelligence. With the implementation of Galigeo for its CRM in SaaS mode, Salesforce, Heineken’s sales force is finding client data easier to use and a lot more user-friendly.

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Boost efficiency in Salesforce with mapping

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