Better decision-making with Location Data and Analytics

Location is mainstream. Any business needs to take advantage of it to stay competitive.

With Galigeo Location Analytics Platform, you can take advantage of the spatial component contained in the data. Create meaningful reports from Location Data, find insights and make the best decisions to improve your performance. Galigeo Location Analytics has been designed to be used by everyone, using any kind of application and on any kind of medium.


No tedious configuration, start leveraging Location Analytics in minutes.



Make advantage of a single-entry point Platform to blend all the data you need, create and share your spatial analyses, and find hidden insights.


Galigeo Location Analytics Platform has been designed to be used by anyone. No prior skill in GIS or geomapping is required to create rich, meaningful spatial analyses.

Connect to multiple datasources using Galigeo Location Analytics Platform: Excel, SAP, IBM, Esri, GeoServer, PostGIS, Shapefile, GeoJSON, Hadoop, ...

Data, the driving force behind your performance

Connect to all the data sources relevant for your business and create meaningful analysis reports.

Combine business location data, socio-economical data and mobility data together in a single view to access new depths of insights.

Retail Analysis Sample using Galigeo Location Analytics

Create, Analyze, Share and Collaborate

Map all your KPIs at any geographical level. From country to street levels, personalize your spatial analysis using a wide choice of options.

Using drag-n-drop, display what matters for you, overlay your layers of information and get new insights.

Share your findings with your team and beyond using a collaborative platform.

Create meaningful views of your Location Data with Galigeo Location Analytics Platform

Make well-grounded decisions using Spatial Analysis

Base your decisions on objective and reliable indicators. Activate powerful Location Analytics processing technology bundled for you to truly understand where you are at with your business.

  • Heatmap and Clusters
  • Time-series
  • Geospatial Filters (isodistance, drive-time, …)
  • Catchment Areas
  • Territory Management
Advanced flow visualisation - Location Analytics

Predict future strategic action

Thanks to powerful algorithms, you can apply predictive models to your spatial analyses in order to predict how your KPIs will change. You can identify the next big trend at a glance and keep one step ahead of changes in your market.

All the features you need in harness the potential of Location Analytics

The Galigeo Location Analytics Platform allows you to successfully do spatial analysis, by offering a wide range of features available in one-click.
So you can focus on getting insights and improving your business.


Bring your own data and geodata on the map, and combined it with contextual data (economical, weather, …) to unveil correlations.

Location Analytics help coping up with covid19 coronavirus consequence

Spatial Selection

Leverage spatial selections tools like isodistance or drive-time to segment, filter and extract relevant data for your business.

Geospatial Time-series

Animate your data by picking a temporal axis, and watch the evolution of your business through space and time.

Charts & filters

Make actions on the map to interact with any other charts and tables from your dashboards to drive your operational insights, and vice-versa.

Advanced visualisations

Quickly get a fresh glance at data by activating advanced visualisations in one click, such as heatmap, cluster or flows.


Pick from a wide variety of basemaps (ESRI, OpenStreetMap, Google, …) or use your own from your GIS Server.


Create, balance and consolidate new territories based on the KPIs you want, by drawing or automatically using the embedded Artificial Intelligence engine.


Collaborate by commenting and annotating directly on the map, to share your insights with your team.

Benefit from a solution accessible to anyone, anywhere

The Galigeo Location Analytics Platform is tailored to your business and technical requirements. Our motto is to provide the best experience to our users. Pick the solution that fits your use-cases.

Géodécisionnel - Galigeo


Create your spatial analyses and map displays with ease directly from your browser. You can then share what you’ve found with your team thanks to the integrated portal.

Géodécisionnel - Galigeo


Give the apps and software you use every day a boost with all the geospatial business intelligence capabilities of Galigeo Location Analytics, and do it in record time when you use our connectors and APIs.

SAPIBMSalesforceInformation Builders
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Leverage Galigeo Location Analytics technology wherever you want using our low-code API, and focus on improving your business rather than technical development.

They use Galigeo Location Analytics for Better Decision-making

Our biggest success is helping our customers improve their business performance.

Discover their stories.

Smart city analytics
Smart city analytics

City of Paris

When mapping analysis improves the smart city. The French capital has chosen to use the Galigeo geospatial business intelligence platform. Its aim is to get a better understanding of residents’ habits and behaviours as regards waste and set up waste collection accordingly.

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sales territory mapping
Sales territory mapping

General Electric Healthcare

Big data comes to the rescue of sales territory mapping for General Electric Healthcare, a world leader in the manufacture of medical imaging equipment.

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Salesforce adoption
Salesforce adoption - Heineken


Boosting CRM adoption with location intelligence. With the implementation of Galigeo for its CRM in SaaS mode, Salesforce, Heineken’s sales force is finding client data easier to use and a lot more user-friendly.

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Galigeo named a leader for Location Analytics Platform in Forrester Waves report

Location Platform Leader

Forrester Waves™ Report for Location Intelligence: Galigeo named a Leader

Forrester placed Galigeo in the top 8 Location Intelligence Platforms.

Improve your performance with Location Analytics

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