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Seamlessly integrate Location Intelligence into your SAP BO tool

The Galigeo Location Intelligence solution integrates directly into your SAP Business Intelligence tools. Using our solution, you can create relevant representations of your data on a map in just a few clicks, and you don’t need to be expert in mapping either. Your teams find it easy to take ownership of the software package and decision-making becomes a whole lot quicker. Take advantage of location intelligence for SAP Web Intelligence, SAP Lumira Discovery, SAP Lumira Designer and SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Business Objects

The best-performing mapping solution for SAP BO

Tried-and-tested solution

30,000 users around the world use Galigeo for SAP on a daily basis to answer their strategic location-related questions.


The Galigeo solution for your SAP platform meets all SAP-required quality standards.

Universally accessible

No need to be a technical expert to create map displays and spatial analyses from your data.

Galigeo For IBM Cognos

With Galigeo for SAP, your users benefit from a simple and intuitive solution. They create, share and consult mapping analyses in a few moves, without leaving their SAP BusinessObjects environment.

SAP Business Objects

Your users can at last express their creativity thanks to an ample range of off-the-shelf mapping features. Their analyses are more effective, they find the answers to their questions and make better decisions, faster.

SAP Business Objects - Galigeo for web intelligence

Improve your operational reporting

Galigeo For SAP Web Intelligence

Create layers of geographical information from your data in just a few minutes. Give your users the possibility of carrying out relevant spatial analyses without leaving their SAP BI platform.

Works with SAP Web Intelligence 4.2 SP3 and later versions

SAP Business Objects - Galigeo-for-lumira-designer

Customised mapping features

Galigeo For SAP Lumira Designer

Give your business applications a boost with customised mapping features.

Add your business logic to maps directly and intuitively. Provide your users with customised representations and spatial analyses that meet their business needs, both on computer and tablet.

SAP Business Objects - Galigeo for Lumira Discovery

Your maps and analyses in self-service mode

Galigeo For SAP Lumira Discovery Freemium

Use the click-and-drag interface of Lumira Discovery to quickly create relevant maps. See your data from a different angle and improve your storytelling.

Why wait? It’s a free product!

SAP Business Objects - Galigeo for SAP Analytics cloud

All the power of location intelligence in the Cloud

Galigeo For SAP Analytics Cloud

Enhance your reports with map representations of your data and carry out spatial analyses straight from your browser in Cloud mode.

Beta version coming soon.

Organise your data with SAP Business Objectives

Big data and data visualisation are revolutionising decision-making. With SAP Business Objectives, decision-makers can now organise vast amounts of data and key indicators more easily and clearly. The machine learning integrated into the Galigeo platform brings your database to life, whatever your sources, to help you make smarter decisions every day.

Putting their trust in us

Analyse prédictive chez SNCF - Galigeo

SNCF Security

SNCF uses predictive analytics to ensure transport safety without increasing costs. SNCF Security put its trust in the Galigeo geospatial business intelligence platform to optimise decision-making.

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Smart city analytics
Smart city analytics

City of Paris

When mapping analysis improves the smart city. The French capital has chosen to use the Galigeo geospatial business intelligence platform. Its aim is to get a better understanding of residents’ habits and behaviours as regards waste and set up waste collection accordingly.

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Crime prediction - Gendarmerie nationale


Improving crime prediction with location intelligence. To bolster its pragmatic approach to the fight against crime, the institution has chosen to rely on Galigeo’s geospatial business intelligence platform.

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It’s time to take action

Improve your reporting abilities by adding location intelligence to your SAP BI tools – with the help of Galigeo solutions. Get in touch with us now.