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Break through the boundaries of your IBM Cognos solution with mapping

Do more with IBM Cognos. Galigeo’s Location Intelligence solution integrates into your Business Intelligence tool. With our solution, users can create, analyse and share representations of their data on a map in just a few clicks.

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The most comprehensive mapping solution for IBM Cognos


When the Galigeo solution is used together with IBM Cognos, users can display a huge amount of data on their maps.


No need to be a mapping expert to create map displays and spatial analyses of your data.


Create and use your maps straight in your IBM Cognos.

Galigeo For IBM Cognos

In their IBM Cognos environment, your users can create, share and consult advanced mapping analyses that are fully configurable. Easy‑to‑use data visualisation to make sense of data analysis.

Galigeo For IBM Cognos

Your users can let their creativity run wild thanks to an ample range of off‑the‑shelf mapping features. Their strategic management is more effective, they find the answers to all their questions and make better decisions, faster – all thanks to our solution.

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Galigeo For IBM Cognos

Improve your operational reporting with location intelligence

Create layers of geographical information from your data in just a few minutes. Give your users the possibility of carrying out relevant spatial analyses within their IBM Cognos tool.

Works with IBM Cognos 10 and 11

IBM Cognos - Galigeo

Case study

Migrate from Esri Maps to Galigeo for IBM Cognos with complete peace of mind

The Galigeo Location Anaytics solution is the only one to support IBM Cognos 10 and 11.

Every month, our teams of experts support customers with their migration from Esri Maps to Galigeo, so they can continue to benefit from location intelligence and improve their business.

From ESRI Maps to Galigeo

Replace effortlessly your deprecated ESRI Maps for Cognos with Galigeo, and keep on answering your location‑related strategic questions to improve your business.

Success stories

Discover how Galigeo solutions integrated into the IBM Cognos environment help companies to improve performance.

Crime prediction - Gendarmerie nationale
Crime prediction - Gendarmerie nationale

Gendarmerie Nationale

Improving crime prediction with location intelligence. To bolster its pragmatic approach to the fight against crime, the institution has chosen to rely on Galigeo’s geospatial business intelligence platform.

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Analyse prédictive chez SNCF - Galigeo

SNCF Security

SNCF uses predictive analytics to ensure transport safety without increasing costs. SNCF Security put its trust in the Galigeo geospatial business intelligence platform to optimise decision‑making.

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Smart city analytics
Smart city analytics

City of Paris

When mapping analysis improves the smart city. The French capital has chosen to use the Galigeo geospatial business intelligence platform. Its aim is to get a better understanding of residents’ habits and behaviours as regards waste and set up waste collection accordingly.

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It’s time to take action

Improve your reporting abilities by adding a boost of location intelligence to your IBM Cognos tools – with the help of Galigeo solutions. Get in touch with us now.

Paris Retail Week - 24.25.26 sept. 2019 Paris Retail Week - 24.25.26 sept. 2019
Paris Retail Week

Quand ? Mardi 24 Septembre 2019 à 14h. Où ? Salon Paris Retail Week, salle 4.


Comment tirer le meilleur du géomarketing prédictif afin de développer et animer un réseau de PDV ?

Une conférence au salon Paris Retail Week 2019, présentée par Dan Ohnona, Directeur de l’immobilier et de l’expansion du Groupe Fnac Darty.

Inscrivez-vous et trouvez les réponses aux problématiques suivantes :

  • Développement de nouveaux formats : grands magasins, magasins de proximité, gares et aéroports, en succursale ou en franchise.
  • Définition du mix produits optimal en fonction du format, de la concurrence et du mode d’exploitation
  • Modélisation automatique de la cannibalisation
  • Paramétrage optimal de la zone de chalandise à l’IRIS