Predictive Location Intelligence

Galigeo is the leading editor of Predictive Location Intelligence solutions.

The user is at the heart of our solutions

In an increasingly unpredictable world, making the most of location information within data is a make‑or‑break issue for the efficiency of all organisations. Galigeo helps organisations improve the efficiency of their business thanks to software that combines mapping expertise and predictive modelling.

Using Galigeo mapping solutions, decision‑makers view, analyse and act directly on operational databases (business applications, BI, CRM, etc.). Users focus on their business industry value (retail, distribution, marketing, security, etc.) and not mapping implementation issues.

Predictive location intelligence: the future has already started

Historically a pioneer of location intelligence, Galigeo has evolved in recent years by adding the predictive element to its software suites. This is made possible thanks to the innovative techniques of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Using its mapping expertise and predictive modelling, Galigeo has evolved further by developing user‑friendly software that adds immense business value for clients. That is the case, for example, with Predictive POS, based on the latest techniques of predictive geomarketing to improve and optimise the performance of a point‑of‑sale network. And that is just the beginning.

How we got where we are


Since 2017

  • Addition of the predictive element to our software suite
  • The combination of location analytics and predictive modelling gave rise to Predictive POS, an innovative predictive geomarketing solution

2011 – 2016

  • Strong growth for Galigeo on the international market
  • Launch of partnerships with SAP and Salesforce
  • Launch of the sales force efficiency offering

2006 – 2011

  • Creation of the Galigeo Enterprise platform
  • Creation of the Professional Services division to offer tailored location intelligence services
  • Partnership with IBM Cognos

2001 – 2006

  • Galigeo founded
  • Innovative geospatial business intelligence solution based around SAP BusinessObjects to create advanced analytics from maps


We have a network of partners around the world so that you get the very best from our solutions. Our resellers industry sector expertise and specialise in implementing solutions, which may include geomarketing, business intelligence (BI), geographic information system (GIS) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.
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Paris Retail Week - 24.25.26 sept. 2019 Paris Retail Week - 24.25.26 sept. 2019
Paris Retail Week

Quand ? Mardi 24 Septembre 2019 à 14h. Où ? Salon Paris Retail Week, salle 4.


Comment tirer le meilleur du géomarketing prédictif afin de développer et animer un réseau de PDV ?

Une conférence au salon Paris Retail Week 2019, présentée par Dan Ohnona, Directeur de l’immobilier et de l’expansion du Groupe Fnac Darty.

Inscrivez-vous et trouvez les réponses aux problématiques suivantes :

  • Développement de nouveaux formats : grands magasins, magasins de proximité, gares et aéroports, en succursale ou en franchise.
  • Définition du mix produits optimal en fonction du format, de la concurrence et du mode d’exploitation
  • Modélisation automatique de la cannibalisation
  • Paramétrage optimal de la zone de chalandise à l’IRIS