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Geomarketing software to support your points of sale

How can you optimise the development, management and activities of your points of sale? How can you analyse your market more effectively to identify your catchment areas? Predictive POS by Galigeo is your geomarketing solution to help manage your shops and stores. Using location intelligence and predictive modelling, the software helps you to get the best from your network.
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Geomarketing software


Create an unlimited number of ITTT (If This Then That) scenarios to integrate your tools and create seamless processes.


Make real cost reductions. Our clients report an average saving of 65% thanks to their geomarketing software.

Real time

In just a few seconds, export your set-up research, create your PIFs, simulate projected turnover and see the results in real time.

Ease of use

Be your company’s mastermind! Predictive POS doesn’t require any technical expertise. It’s an ergonomic solution, designed especially for you.


Thanks to our APIs, you can integrate the geomarketing software into all your environments: GIS, ERP, BI, CRM… the possibilities are endless.


Wherever you are, whatever your medium or browser, Predictive POS is a SaaS solution adapted to your use.

An all-in-one geomarketing solution adapted to your business

You can choose one or more modules, depending on your requirements.

Geomarketing software Galigeo


Development plan

You can see at a glance on a map your current or future points of sale, your competitors’ stores and the geographical data for your target market (e.g. economic and socio-demographic criteria).

  • Create your development plans in a few clicks of a mouse
  • Select your future store locations according to market data
Geomarketing software - POS set-up location


Point of sale set-up location

Create your own customised market research.

  • Assess potential, exclusivity areas and the competition’s market share
  • Simulate potential set-up locations
  • Create turnover models for future points of sale
  • Identify key indicators, such as the risk of cannibalisation, and weigh up the value of the omnichannel approach
Geomarketing software - Sales performance


Sales performance

Evaluate point of sale results and territory potential.

  • Create models of anticipated turnover for your store
  • Compare your results with those of other stores with similar characteristics
  • Analyse discrepancies using intuitive dashboards
Geomarketing software - local communication


Local communication

View your distribution areas and adjust your marketing campaigns as your targets change.

  • Monitor population movement within your target areas to improve customer knowledge
  • Work out the costs and return on investment (ROI) of your communication campaigns



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A solution built on detailed data

Predictive POS is based on several sources of information: internal business data from the point of sale network and external data enhanced by data science.

The 3Ds: 3 pilars for 3 dimensions

  • Turnover
  • Customer location
  • Till receipts
  • Exclusivity areas
  • Knowledge of the competition
Datafrom external sources
  • Sociological
  • Demographic
  • Meteorological
  • Topographic
  • Micro-markets / population centres
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Predictive modelling
  • Random forests

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