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Galigeo: Delivering Location Intelligence since 2001

Welcome to Galigeo. You have probably noticed that our name is a pun, a combination of “Galileo” (Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution) and “Geography”. It embraces our vision of leadership in the current Location Intelligence revolution. Two English pronunciations are possible: Galígeo and Galigéo.

In our site, you’ll learn more about Galigeo and why we are proud of our reputation for innovative Location Intelligence solutions. But first, I personally invite you to discover our vision.

Increased awareness about Location Intelligence benefits

In the past year, a general surge in marketing brought increased market awareness to our growing field of Location Intelligence. Companies seeking strategic and tactical performance gains have paid attention and come to Galigeo for consulting, products and solutions.

What is Location Intelligence? And how can your company gain from its use?

Location Intelligence is about the geographic performance of businesses, what we call the “where” factor. In general, it begins with the elucidation of localization data within enterprise data sources; then the cartographic visualization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to enable to location analytics, predictive analytics, reporting, publishing and extends to the delivery of business applications for a few analysts at the headquarters and/or hundreds of mobile field forces.

Is your business geo-unconscious?

Most businesses today are geo-unconscious; they do not see nor exploit the geographic information components sleeping in their BI, CRM, SQL or Hadoop databases. Galigeo wants to wake up this dormant “where” factor for profitable social and business use. The “where” factor reveals proximity and environment characteristics that show hidden patterns. In a flash, the power of Location Intelligence is obtained, thus strong and effective decisions can be made.

Who benefits from Location Intelligence?

In exploring our website, you will see that all economic sectors can gain from Location Intelligence. For example, if you have a large field force operating in wide areas, our Field Force Optimization Solution can help you better define regions and territories, to better affect them, to reduce travel time, to improve quality and reporting, and to ultimately increase revenue and/or reduce costs.

Galigeo, a seamless platform for Location Intelligence

At Galigeo, we believe delivering effective enterprise-level Location Intelligence requires an open software platform and involved consulting. We speak of platform because reaching the “where” factor requires a variety of seamless connectors to enterprise data sources, for example SAP-BO, IBM-Cognos or “”. It also requires fit-to-purpose map visualization components, a library of analytical modules and possibly third-party data. All of which can be implemented on premises, sold in SaaS, hybrid or mobile modes.

Galigeo Location Intelligence ready-made solutions

To make this simple, the platform has ready-made solutions, in particular for Geo-Marketing, Sales Force, Retail, and Distribution optimization. Also, predefined, parameterized and ad-hoc queries allow decision makers to easily visualize core business data (e.g. monitor, drill down, discover and predict).

For those familiar with this subject, Galigeo goes beyond traditional desktop solutions because our platform ensures seamless integration with multiple data sources and enables real-time decisions, at headquarters and in the field.

As in my previous vision statements, in times of crisis, no company can afford to remain geo-blind and ignore the value brought by the “where” factor as delivered by Galigeo and its partners. For those familiar with this subject, Galigeo goes beyond traditional desktop solutions because our platform ensures seamless integration with multiple data sources and enables real time decisions, at the headquarters and in the field.

Enjoy our website.

Best regards,
Christian Tapia-Stocker, CEO

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