Is geocoding the new trump card in your customer relationships?

What if location intelligence was to become your business’s new best friend? The technique of geocoding plays a crucial role in strengthening CRM, providing a helping hand to marketing and sales departments.

geocoding: the new trump card

What if you were to go beyond the dynamic visualization of sales processes? Location intelligence helps to boost data reliability.

When it comes to customer bases (CRM), geolocation uses the technique of geocoding addresses in order to highlight the location of existing and potential clients on base maps. This method clearly shows the problems inherent in client databases, such as non-existent addresses, duplication and changes of corporate names.

Data is made reliable through the use of geocoding engines. These engines often employ different approaches in the way they work. For best results, or match rate, we sometimes recommend playing one geocoding tool off against several others.

Data quality – a major challenge for sales departments

Although nowadays, there aren’t many sales departments that can do without CRM, the quality of data is a fundamental, make-or-break issue. Every year, 10–15% of the data in customer databases is changed. And if these changes aren’t taken into account, they are likely to harm sales teams… with a knock-on effect on sales themselves.

Geocoding represents an innovative alternative to more traditional and time-consuming techniques such as adding SIRET (business registration) numbers to the addresses of French customers.

This data, once checked, can then be put into perspective according to its geographical context. In this way, data quality becomes part of the overall picture, integrating a multitude of parameters. This then helps sales departments to build ultra-personalized relationships with existing and potential customers. And so, location intelligence provides a new source of personalization for salespeople, based on the far-from trivial characteristics of the area where these customers are located.

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