How can we get more from your data with business maps?

Galigeo’s geomarketing solutions support every function in your company through machine learning and predictive algorithms. Our aim? Improve your processes, anticipate market trends and exceed your exact requirements using maps to unleash the potential of your data. Together, we can drive decision-making at every level of your company.

salesforce map pour la direction commerciale


Harness the power of mapping

Improve client monitoring and keep costs down: it seems a complex equation for sales departments.
Our business applications are specially designed to help you view your key data on maps. At last, you get an overall view of your clients and leads.
Analyse your turnover, divide your business into sectors, schedule your sales routes… your geomarketing solution has been specially designed to help you achieve your goals.

salesforce map pour les managers


Give your campaigns a boost with location intelligence

Your ambition is to create targeted campaigns to reach clients and leads in a very specific geographical area.
With our geomarketing solutions, you get a detailed view of consumer density in your territories. By combining this geolocation information with management data and socio-economic or demographic information, you can reach your target audience more easily and make the most of your marketing operations.

Salesforce map pour les commerciaux de terrain


Make the most of your activities with location intelligence

Save time and cut your budget at the same time – that’s now a reality thanks to the power of maps.
Delivery is very often one of the key success factors. Your challenge is to deliver to clients on a specified day and time despite traffic problems, inclement weather and other disruptions. Calculating an itinerary is even more important when it involves routes to deliver to points of sale on a dispatch map. Location intelligence helps to achieve these goals by providing real-time, relevant views.

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