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Galigeo G21

For this new Galigeo G21 version, we have place our users at the heart of new features and developments.
With always more ease-of-use, creating spatial analysis reports has never been easier, boosting your productivity and helping you discover new insights faster.

Start now by discovering the new features of Galigeo G21, and harness the power of Location Intelligence to make the best decisions for your business.

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The G21 is now live!

Did you miss the new features from previous versions? No problem. All the features of these versions are of course included in Galigeo G20.

Galigeo G20Galigeo G19

Galigeo map embedded geocoder

Embedded Geocoder

From addresses to maps, there is only one step

Place your addresses directly on the map, thanks to the new embedded geocoding module.

Acquire new insights by importing your Excel files containing addresses, and convert them into points to directly use them in your analysis reports.

Galigeo map


Collaborate more effectively by sharing maps by mail

Share your maps directly by email to collaborate more effectively with the rest of your teams, or other teams.

And even with the ones that are not Galigeo users!

Galigeo map software


A new way of understanding time and space

The time-series feature have been redesigned.

The top right widget has been removed, in favor of a large control bar (Youtube-like) available at the bottom of the screen.

outil géomarketing


A redesigned User Interface for more Productivity

The user interface has been reworked to allow faster access to core features.

UI and UX have been improved, in order to make the interface clearer and easier to use.

vos données géomarketing en heatmap


New ways of representing your data

Find always more insights by personalizing your heat maps, or by using the new visualization mode by hexagon.
All in just a few clicks.

intégration Galigeo et Salesforce


Create your business analyzes with Salesforce data

Connect Galigeo directly with your Salesforce CRM.

Create relevant business performance analyzes, or optimize your business segmentation by directly leveraging all your CRM data.

And more to be discovered

  • Save personalized views of your spatial analysis reports
  • Take screenshot of your maps using templates
  • Directly use a selection results to filter the map
  • Embed maps into your Salesforce environment
  • Beta support of SAP BI 4.3 SP1
  • And more to discover…

Which products will be available in G21 version?

  • Galigeo Stand-alone version
  • Galigeo For SAP Web Intelligence (4.2 SP3+)
  • Galigeo For IBM Cognos (11+)
  • Galigeo API

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