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Make Better Decisions with Location Data & Spatial Analytics

Galigeo lets you take advantage of the spatial dimension contained in any data.


No tedious configuration. Start leveraging Spatial Analytics in minutes and get immediate value.


Designed to be used by anyone. No prior skill in GIS or geomapping is required to create rich, meaningful spatial analysis stories and applications.


Access built-in spatial and geomapping features in one clic. Blend and analyse any data spatially, and easily share your findings.

Every business and industry need Spatial Analytics

Did you know that 80% of data contain a spatial dimension?
It’s an unexploited goldmine that you absolutely need to start digging.

Galigeo for SAP Analytics Cloud helps you harness this spatial dimension easily and rapidly, so you can fully answer to all your location-related challenges.

Galigeo For SAP Analytics Cloud

Get a glimpse of all the built-in spatial features

Any Data

Combine your own business data with contextual data (economic, weather, etc.), and discover new correlations.

Location Analytics help coping up with covid19 coronavirus consequence

Spatial Selection

Take advantage of spatial selection functions, such as isodistance or driving time to segment, filter and extract data relevant to your business.


Animate your data by choosing a time axis, and observe the evolution of your business through space and time.

BI Interactions

Perform actions on the map to interact with all the other components of your dashboards to master your insights discoveries, and vice versa.

Advanced visualisations

Quickly get a fresh look at data by enabling one-click advanced visualizations, such as heatmap, clusters, or flows.


Choose from a wide variety of basemaps (ESRI, OpenStreetMap, Google,…) or use your own from your GIS server.

Territory Management

Create, balance and consolidate new territories according to the KPIs you want, by drawing or automatically using the integrated Artificial Intelligence engine.



Collaborate by commenting and annotating directly on the map, to share your insights with your team.

Print & Share

Export your reports including the map, or use your own templates to print your maps in any format.

Discover all Galigeo features

And more to discover!

Test for yourself all the functionalities of Galigeo for SAP Analytics Cloud.


Blending GIS Data with Business Data within SAP Analytics Cloud

Galigeo can connect to any GIS Servers, such as Esri ArcGIS, GeoServer or Hexagon Spatial, and blend geodata with business data handled in SAP Analytics Cloud.
No GIS ? No problem, Galigeo runs on its own, and come with its own catalog of geodata.


Watch in replay our webinar about Spatial Analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud

Get a deep dive of Galigeo Spatial Analytics capabilities within SAP Analytics Cloud environment with this 30-min on-demand webinar.

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You are not on your own. Our team of fully-trained experts is ready to help you harness all the value out of Spatial Analytics.

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