Galigeo For SAP Lumira Discovery

Get to the insights faster with Location Intelligence in Lumira Discovery

Galigeo For SAP Lumira Discovery is a self-service, agile Location Intelligence solution that enables business users to make advantage of the spatial dimension contained in their data.

So you can get faster to the insights you seek and face all your location-related challenges.

Now available for free.

Galigeo For Lumira Discovery - Location Intelligence Solution

The most complete and intuitive Location Intelligence solution for business users and data analysts


Create compelling maps of your data through drag and drop. No prior GIS or geomapping skill required.


Add thousands of data in few seconds then manipulate and analyse them in an agile way.

Natively Integrated

Create, consume and share maps directly from within your Lumira Discovery Desktop or Server.

All the geodata relevant for you

There is no point in displaying information at levels irrelevant to your business.

Galigeo For Lumira Discovery lets you add your own geodata so you can display your metrics and KPI at the granularity you want.
From country to street level, there is nothing you can’t show on the map.

A wide variety of format is supported : ESRI ArcGIS Server, ESRI ArcGIS Online, WFS, WMS, Shapefiles, GeoJSON, …

Drag, Drop, Visualize, Analyze

With Galigeo For SAP Lumira Discovery, business users and data analysts can leverage wide range of built-in spatial features, all accessible in one-click.

Our embedded AI-powered Engine technology takes care of the inherent complexity related to spatial, so you can focus on what really matters: analyzing your data and getting insights from it.

Creating maps becomes just a matter of simply drag and drop.

All you need to find new insights

Galigeo For Lumira Discovery is not just a solution to visualize your data.

It also offers a wide range of features that will help you analyzing your data, such as

  • extract selections based on spatial criteria like distance or drive-time
  • make time series and animate any dimension of your data
  • create flows between origin and destinations in just two clicks

Finding new insights in a self-service manner has never been easier.

Get started right now

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