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How Location Data & Analytics help Governments and the Public Sector fight against Covid19

Governments and Public Sector Authorities have to make the right data‑backed decisions to reduce Coronavirus or other pandemics impacts by identifying populations and areas at risk.

With this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Detect and monitor areas at risk, by correlating business and contextual data
  • Identify hidden patterns, by using spatial time-series
  • Segment and identify the most vulnerable populations, by using spatial filters such as distance or isochrony
  • Where to find and combine relevant data, and the different technologies to analyze them

All supported by a concrete example with the City of Montreal, Canada

Location Analytics help coping up with covid19 coronavirus consequence

Learn more about how Location Analytics can help make the right decisions in complex context

Location Analytics can help Governments and Public Sector Authorities involved in Healthcare, Law enforcement, Transport, Economics to better understand any situation and its evolution, to make the right decisions and improve execution.