The where factor

White Paper – The Where Factor

Location is a central factor in business. The location can be an address, a sales territory, a delivery route or an administrative boundary. Implementing a Location Intelligence strategy (The where factor) is the perfect way to transform the geographic challenges into key decision-making assets.

Read this White Paper and learn how location awareness is beneficial for performance management; taking the spatial location into account when analyzing business data allows for revealing spatial relationships and patterns that would have been undetectable in a traditional enterprise application.

Read this White Paper and learn:

  • How mapping data allows detecting links, patterns and trends depending on location that would not have been able to identify without taking the spatial context into account.
  • By integrating the two, Business Intelligence and maps, spatial analyses capability as well as effective and easy-to-read data visualization in the form of maps are added to the powerful data analysis tools.
  • Incorporating GIS in the decision making process will further improve the organization’s performance management.
  • The “Where” Factor enables businesses to more quickly and easily transform data into visual information that provides actionable insights.
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