Location Intelligence for Retail: Advanced Data Visualization Software Solutions for Retailers

Location Intelligence solutions for the Retail industry turns data about customers, trade areas, and marketing operations into advanced knowledge that provides greater insight into performance and empowers retailers to make more informed decisions and gain competitive advantage. With Location Intelligence for Retail improve your daily business !

Our unique solution brings the “where” factor to performance analysis and enables a deeper analysis of a retailer’s business information, specifically designed to assist retailers in reaching new conclusions and making the next best business decision.

Discover how Galigeo Location Intelligence for Retail, by combining the spatial dimension to business data, can help achieve and exceed every goal in your retail business.

By harnessing information in Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and other enterprise applications, Galigeo enables retailers to integrate location dimensions with performance management, reporting, predictive analytics and campaign management solutions to increase sales and optimize marketing operations.

Location Intelligence for Retail - site analysis

More specifically, Galigeo helps retailers to:

  • Monitor store performance
  • Guide site selection and expansion
  • Improve marketing efforts, direct marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Gain a better territorial understanding


Carrefour Group has selected Galigeo because of its ease of implementation, integration of FLEX technology and its ability to meet technical requirements of Carrefour’s datacenters.”

Francis Rivière, Carrefour Group

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