Predictive analysis: magic wand or crystal ball?

Predictive analysis is becoming widely accessible and has now found its rightful place in companies of all sizes and sectors. However, you still need to know how to use it to its best advantage…

Predictive analysis offers endless possibilities. Predicting medical emergencies before they even occur, pre-empting material damage and even knowing in advance the areas where a product will sell best… Organisations are getting very excited about the business promises this crystal ball can make.

In the midst of the data revolution, this technique is playing a decisive role in revealing trends, such as consumption habits, which then allow companies to tweak their offering with greater precision.

Mapping analysis for clear-cut conclusions

Having harnessed the power of location intelligence, predictive analysis lets you go a whole lot further. Easy and user-friendly, maps are designed to streamline the processing of collected data.

Predictive analysis is in fact based on the mass of information contained in data management tools. Its use is now widespread and many sectors, such as CRM and ERP, are now on board.

Displaying several layers of information on a map makes it easy to understand the results that have been found; this then opens the way to decision-making that is both faster and smarter.

Predictive analysis: What you need to know before putting it into practice

Although predictive analysis is no longer the unfamiliar gadget it was, it’s not a magic wand either. Implementing this type of tool in a company comes with a number of prerequisites. First of all, it is essential to get support when choosing a solution that is suited to the needs, bulk of data and budget of the company or organisation.

The other priority involves ensuring that the various layers of stored information are reliable, in a CRM system, for example, or other business tool. If these conditions are met, then location intelligence software can provide instantaneous visual interpretation and pertinent analyses… revealing at least something of what the future holds.

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