Security and transport: protection through data

Security remains the no. 1 concern of public transport stakeholders. Faced with an upsurge in technical incidents, anti-social behaviour and theft, location intelligence offers a practical solution. So, could this technology really help professionals in the industry take a more proactive approach?

Security and transport protection

Answerable to users for the smooth running of the network as well as to private stakeholders, those in charge of public transport are faced with a sharp rise in incidents. Theft, especially of copper, has snowballed over the past few years, sometimes impacting heavily on the quality of service. A while ago in an interview with Belgian broadcaster RTBF, the Belgian company Infrabel calculated that theft of metals from rail tracks accounts for over three hours of delays every day. “Without a practical solution to this problem, public transport stakeholders adopt a reactive rather than a proactive attitude”, determines Vincent Dechandon, Product Manager at Galigeo. And so, while repairs are carried out as quickly as possible, maintenance teams continue to patrol the tracks ‘blindly’ as they have no real-time information. Therefore, organised crime groups get a head start which they exploit…

Making maps talk for effective patrol organisation

In this all-important area, location intelligence is proving to be an essential tool. So, what’s its selling point? Well, it gives public transport stakeholders a spatial overview of every situation so that they can not only react better, but also predict certain thefts. Transport professionals then hold all the cards when it comes to identifying trends. “Areas and times of the day and year that are most at risk are pinpointed which means patrols on the ground can be adapted accordingly. Going forward, public transport stakeholders can now take a really proactive approach”, says Vincent Dechandon. Furthermore, thanks to these location intelligence tools, stakeholders benefit from complete traceability as regards what they do in the field. They can therefore inform the public about their actions in a totally transparent way.

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And location intelligence is about to expand its predictive functions. Spatial analysis will take various live factors into account so that patrols can be sent out in the field in real time. The end goal is to work even more effectively and ensure people’s hard work pays off.

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