Police: Improving Crime Prediction with Location Intelligence

A predictive analytics platform for the Police

Ensuring the best living environment for every citizen is the priority of police forces fighting against crime and anti-social behaviour.

However, it has become essential for the Police to be able to target risk areas in advance in order to optimise patrol mobilisation and the success of police intervention. To bolster its pragmatic approach to the fight against crime, the institution has chosen to rely on Galigeo’s geospatial business intelligence platform.

How data science optimises crime prevention

By using the platform, the police can examine, in record time, ten years’ worth of data relating to crimes committed, according to the time of year and also to location. This information can be filtered, region by region, county by county and so on, until they get a comprehensive view of the situation on a map. Using these spatio-temporal representations, the police can then decide what action to take a lot quicker.

In addition, crime scenes can be correlated with contextual data, such as socio-demographic, financial and even weather data… The aim is to identify new trends with a fine toothcomb.

From there, a team of specialist analysts will be able to establish predictive models, identifying particularly sensitive areas that require more police presence, for example. In any case, location intelligence is becoming another resource in crime prevention.

Crime prediction - screenshot

Self-service geospatial business intelligence tools for teams in the field

The IT departments at the Police have rolled out a series of customised applications to help teams get to know their area and plan their patrols.

This application portfolio uses Galigeo solutions, such as SAP Lumira Designer. Throughout mainland France and its overseas territories, thousands of policemen and women have free and easy access to location intelligence tools.

Against this background, the power of Galigeo mapping devices can play a full role in fighting crime and anti-social behaviour more effectively.

Crime prediction Dashboard


#Intuitive UI

  • Easy to get started with new mapping tools
  • A comprehensive and relevant overview of all malicious acts


  • Predictive identification of risk areas
  • More efficient field patrols and more effective prevention measures

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