Location Analytics for IBM Cognos 10 & 11

Preserve and enhance your Esri investments with Galigeo

Esri stopped supporting Esri Maps for Cognos, and you are left with an Esri investment you can’t leverage? You still need maps to answer your important location-related business questions?

Galigeo provides a complete and powerful Location Analytics solution seamlessly integrated with IBM Cognos 10 and 11, and that works with or without Esri servers.

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Try Galigeo For IBM Cognos and step up your Analytics

Esri announced the end of Esri Maps for IBM Cognos support.

The customers that migrates to IBM Cognos Analytics 11 can no longer use Esri Maps for Cognos at all. The ones still on IBM Cognos Analytics 10 are left with an unsupported product and are unable to do production.

Native maps provided by IBM Cognos do not leverage Esri Server investments.

Galigeo lets you consume your Esri Server services directly within IBM Cognos, and continue to create meaningful and accurate maps from your data.

So you can keep on answering your location-related strategic questions and improving your business.


Why you should migrate to Galigeo for IBM Cognos

Always up-to-date

Galigeo supports IBM Cognos Analytics 10, 11 and onwards.


Galigeo can connect to your Esri Server or Online and get map services, features services, operational layers, …

Low migration cost

Migrating from Esri Maps to Galigeo can be done in a few days, with minimal friction for your users

german police uses galigeo for ibm cognos to fight crimes with location analytics

Success Story

The German Police of Lower Saxony is making streets safer with IBM Cognos and Galigeo

Discover how the German Police has migrated from Esri Maps to Galigeo for IBM Cognos in less than two weeks to keep on fighting crime more efficiently with predictive location analytics.

A complete geomapping solution for IBM Cognos

Hundreds of customers leverage our solution for IBM Cognos to answer their strategic location related questions and improve their business performance.

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