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The Galigeo For SAP Lumira extension is a powerful, intuitive extension for visualizing and discovering key insights or trends while taking advantage of the location dimension contained in your data.

Take your business intelligence to higher levels with geoenriched data and smart map visualizations. Easy to deploy, Galigeo For Lumira will boost your analysis and help you to make better location-related decisions. Resource allocations, predictive maintenance, site selection, delivery times, … are use-cases you will now be able to clearly answer using built-in geospatial features within the Galigeo For Lumira extension.

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Galigeo For Lumira Extension - Business data visualization

Bring in your custom geodata

No matter where it comes from, anything can be shown on a Galigeo Map.

To let you plainly focus on your data, Galigeo For Lumira let you see what is really relevant for your business.

Blend any geographical level with any of your metrics just by drag-n-drop, discover new trends and insights, and improve your business performance.

Administrative boundaries, custom sales regions, oil pipelines, subway railroads, … there is no limit to what you can see on the map!

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Drag, drop, visualize, customize

You don’t need to be an expert to create meaningful maps

The Smart Mapping Engine embedded within Galigeo For Lumira offers a fast, powerful experience to both creators and consumers of SAP Lumira stories.

Capable of analyzing your dataset, it provides the best fit visualizations as a starting point when you drag in dimensions and measures. You don’t have to be an expert in GeoAnalytics to create relevant maps.

Intuitive, Galigeo For Lumira provides out-of-the-box tools to customize any of the created visualizations directly within Lumira : heatmap, conditional formatting, pie charts, choropleth, …

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SAP Lumira Extension - Heatmap

SAP Lumira Extension - Selection

Bring your maps to life

Animate any of your dimensions in two clicks

Select a dimension you have dropped on the map to see it animate directly on the map.

Acquire in-depth insights of the evolution of your business over time, or browse your metrics per category automatically.

Pause, resume the animation and see for real how your data behave.

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Leverage your custom hierarchies

Drill-down and drill-up on any dimension of your hierarchy, from macro view to street level

Just drag in your hierarchy coming from SAP HANA or SAP Lumira, and let the Smart Mapping Engine do the work for you.

You are just one click away from being able to drill-down and drill-up through all the levels contained in your hierarchy.

No hierarchy defined? No problem, the Galigeo For Lumira extension let users create them on the fly as well!

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SAP Lumira Extension - Drill Down Hierarchy

SAP Lumira Extension - Selection

Drive your operational insights with geo-enriched data

Get the most of the business intelligence built-in features directly from the map

Extract your data of interest using out-of-the-box advanced selection tools like isodistance and drive-time, export the result to Excel, filter your selection to work on a deeper analysis.

Leverage bi-directionality to get more insights on specific metrics, drive your KPIs from the map, and make easier more informed decisions.

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Main Features

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Selection tool- Simple
- Advanced ( allows to define geographic area and retrieve information to be displayed in an interactive tab ) :
> multi selections
> data ordering
> calculation on metrics
> data export in csv
> save/open selections
Multidimensional dataAll methods are world class GIS level to offer the best relevant visualization capabilities and data can be plotted on any dimension (time, product families, customer types)
Thematic wizard
Unique symbol
Range of colors
Individual colors
Proportional symbols
Pie charts
Label thematic
Point/Line/Polygon support
Multi countriesLocal reference system data supported
Smart Legend Dynamic legend which displays map content relevant description:
- clear map legend
- configurable title and label
- control of visibility
- control of layer transparency
- WYSIWYG legend
HeatmapGaligeo Heatmap relies on proven calculation methods to offer great visualization as well as true relevant analysis on metrics distribution according:
- geographic distance
- any metrics
- any geographic level (points or polygon)
ClusteringDynamic clustering optimize visualization of multiple geographic objects by aggregate them according:
- geographic distance
- minimum # of objects
- points of polygons
Display BI Data on one click
Geographic zoom
Navigation bar
Show/Hide layers
Order layers
Selection tools
Data grid
Areas' KPIs
Data export
Drill through (Geo reports)
Drill down (Multi-layers)
BI System
XY to mapUse directly your X,Y coordinates stored in your database
Multidimensionnal data sources (BI, BEX, XY, ...)
Data Bases ( Oracle, SQL server, PostGreSQL, SyBase, Access)
Web basemaps ArcGIS Online, OpenStreetMap, Specific background maps
Direct Shapefile connexion
ESRI integration (Map services, Multi-coordSYS)
Default Geodata Catalog / Custom Geodata
Geographic databaseSDE Database, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, Teradata, SAP HANA Spatial via ArcGIS Server
ESRI integration (Map services, Base Maps & Operation layers, Multi-coordSYS)
Motion Map (Time Slider)
Dynamic mapping and visualization (movie) of located time series data, dynamic infographic for each located time serieNA
Personal Data Import
Advanced selection
Street View
Compliance with the terms and conditions of Google Street ViewNA

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