6 February 2017

Infrabel choose Galigeo!

6 February 2017,

Infrabel Logo

Infrabel is responsible for the management, maintenance and development of the Belgian rail network. To do this, it has regional teams who intervene in the field in the event of technical problems in terms of electricity, signage, civil engineering works and roads. In addition, Infrabel regularly conducts general inspections. These enable the rapid detection of aged infrastructures and technical defects, so that they can be repaired and / or replaced in good time.

The solution Galigeo for SAP BI allows, thanks to the management and geolocation of the sensors capturing the transition of trains on the rails, a significant improvement of the quality of invoicing to the user companies.

Geo-visualizing the different zones associated to land reserves enable Infrabel to better see and manages them. For example, seeing the price deviations between the different land reserves becomes much more transparent. In the long run, Galigeo Extensions will enable a more effective optimization and valuation of Infrabel’s land tenure.

Finally, the geolocation of the equipment facilitates the maintenance of the various parts and optimizes the planning of the intervention teams.

Infrabel choose Galigeo

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