Location Intelligence Software - Products overview

Location Intelligence software : Galigeo for SAP BI, Galigeo for IBM Cognos, Galigeo for Salesforce, Galigeo Enterprise

Galigeo for SalesforceGaligeo for SAP BIGaligeo EnterpriseGaligeo for IBM Cognos

Galigeo provides location intelligence software to help organisations make better strategic and tactical decisions. We provide solutions that work alongside, and are fully integrated with SAP BI, IBM Cognos and Salesforce as well as stand-alone solutions.

Choose the solution that meets your needs:

Galigeo for SAP BI     Galigeo for IBM Cognos     Galigeo for Salesforce     Galigeo Enterprise

Galigeo location intelligence software allow users to leverage their data by visualizing data sets on a map – view your data geographically and better understand and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business activities. Obtain insights forcustomers, prospects, trade areas, utility networks – and much more – instantly visualise and analyse your key performance indicators (KPIs) and make smarter, more informed strategic decisions.

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