Take sales efficiency to the next level with user-friendly maps in Salesforce

Galigeo for Salesforce directly integrates into your CRM, allowing Sales Reps to meet their performance objectives. Visualize key data on a map to better organize sales initiatives and optimize routes.

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Geolocate your Salesforce data

  • Add addresses and geographical coordinates to Leads, Contacts and Accounts
  • Correct erroneous information with a simple Drag & Drop
  • Automatically assign Leads and Accounts to sales Reps
Geolocalise your salesforce
Detect areas and prospects

Detect areas and prospects with high potential revenue

  • Assess business potential at a local level and detect underserved areas
  • Take decisions fast by visualizing custom indicators (turnover, business potential or socio-demographic data)

Target clients and leads

Sales Reps can use different types of filters to target customers and prospects based on the latest business priorities.

  • Sales campaigns
  • Renewal campaigns
  • Prospecting in a geographical area

Plan and optimize sales visits

Once prioritary targets identified, Sales Reps easily manage their visit planning with:

  • Optimized routing providing complete itinerary by car or foot
  • Native integration with Salesforce calendar
  • Mobile Salesforce1 App

Manage your sales territories

Optimize global sales performance through territory analysis, and balance optimization.

  • Design balanced territories based on your metrics: #accounts, revenue, potential, population…
  • Mass assign Accounts to salespeople
Territory management

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What do they get out of Galigeo?


Heineken elaborates and distributes beverages.

With hundreds of thousands of existing venues, Heineken needed Sales Reps to be able to easily identify most important targets and organize their visits.

Galigeo also dramatically facilitated the adoption of the CRM among Sales teams enhancing data quality and customer knowledge.


N°1 sport betting company in France with more than 12.500 points of sales.

Since PMU uses Galigeo for Salesforce to define its Sales territories, duration of the process has been divided by 6.

Sales Reps also use Galigeo for Salesforce to plan their visits and analyze the potential of a point of sales with respect to kpis related to the area it belongs to.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare selected Galigeo for Salesforce to improve the efficiency of their sales and increase overall sales in 42 European countries.

Thanks to the use of location intelligence in Salesforce, GE HC was able to improve the schedules of vendors, optimize the management of sales territories and obtain highly pertinent mapping analysis.

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Increase your Sales force efficiency with maps

Directly integrated with Salesforce, Galigeo allows sales teams to meet their account development and prospecting goals.

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