Location Intelligence for Transportation Industry

Many corporations use Galigeo to implement location intelligence for transportation to improve the management, maintenance, safety, and security of roads, railways, and air transport infrastructure.

The transportation industry must manage complex Geographic Information System (GIS) to collect and manage spatial data describing networks. The challenge is to be able to synchronize geography with business intelligence systems used for traffic analysis, investments, and maintenance.


Location intelligence for transportation - transports

Location Intelligence for Transportation Industry helps:

  • Monitor traffic and regularity
  • Enhance operational efficiency and finance control
  • Monitor maintenance and investment actions
  • Track billing and price options
  • Enhance communication

Transportation companies and organizations worldwide, such as the Swiss Federal Roads Office, trust Galigeo to help them drive operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance sales and marketing actions, and improve quality, safety, and risk control. With location intelligence, our customers improve management, maintenance, safety, security of roads, railways & air transport infrastructure.

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