6 February 2017

SBB choose Galigeo solutions for SAP BI !

6 February 2017,


Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB)

Swiss Federal Railways is the national railway company of Switzerland. The company is headquartered in Bern. It used to be a government institution, but since 1999, it has been a special stock corporation whose shares are held by the Swiss Confederation or the Swiss cantons.

Following a thorough evaluation, SBB selected Galigeo solutions for SAP BI to refine the analysis of punctuality and the analysis of delays by family of incidents (planned work, other internal causes, external causes)

Galigeo for SAP BI is used for publication preparation for marketing campaigns. The display of the data at the residence of each subscriber client is too large. SBB has developed its own grid analysis for useful indicators (age range, type of subscription,…). The campaigns are then managed by selecting the desired grid.

In addition, Galigeo is committed to working with Swiss Federal Railways to help manage all their assets moving forward.

SBB choose Galigeo solutions for SAP BI

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