23 February 2017

What's new in Galigeo For Lumira 2.1

23 February 2017,

Galigeo For Lumira,
#1 Geoanalytics Extension for SAP Lumira,
is back with a new version!

Galigeo For Lumira is continously boosting self-service geoanalytics to higher-levels thanks to its Smart Mapping engine.

Some of the benefits that the Smart Mapping engine brings to your various business cases are:

  • Ease user adoption of self-service business intelligence
  • Help discover new trends and patterns in the data
  • Improve accuracy and relevance of analysis
  • Geoenrich business data with external location data
  • Share meaningful stories across the whole company

Perfectly integrated into Lumira Desktop and Lumira Server, mobile-ready, Galigeo For Lumira can be deployed and fully functional in less than 2min!

Read the blog on the SAP website

Support of Native Hierarchies

Leverage custom hierarchies defined in SAP HANA or defined on the fly in SAP Lumira.

Just drag in your hierarchy and the Galigeo For Lumira Smart Mapping engine will take care of everything. Drill-down, drill-up through any dimensions and find new correlations in your business data. Discover more ➥

Leverage any native hierarchies in Galigeo For Lumira

On-Demand Time-Series

Pick any  of your dimensions and make them animate. Analyze your data over time, and make more informed decisions by bringing your historical data to life. Show me a live demo ➥

Leverage Time-Series in Galigeo For Lumira based on any of your dimensions

Advanced Customization

Need to apply business rules to your maps? Not a problem with the new version of Galigeo For Lumira, customize any of your business layers directly from the map:

  • Apply conditional formatting
  • Switch between several types of representation
  • Bring in your custom basemaps

Make the map relevant for your business. Discover more ➥

Leverage advanced customization in Galigeo For Lumira like conditional formatting

Enriched Geodata Catalog

Galigeo For Lumira embeds by default all administratives boundaries from USA (States, Counties, ZIP Codes and more), Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, China, India, Japan, Sweden, South Africa, Brazil, …

You can of course still bring your custom geodata and directly see it in Galigeo For Lumira. Get started ➥

Leverage default geodata or bring your own one in Galigeo For Lumira

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