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Boost your business applications with Location Analytics

Galigeo For SAP Design Studio is an intuitive, customizable extension that turns the location dimension contained in your data into relevant, interactive maps.

Take your dashboards and applications to higher levels with geoenriched data and smart map visualizations. Easy to deploy, Galigeo For SAP Design Studio offers a strong geomapping experience to both application designers and consumers. Fully customizable and easy to use, Galigeo For SAP Design Studio puts critical geospatial information at the forefront of your BI applications.

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Maps as smart as your business

We help our customers to make better location-related decisions…

…so they keep on improving their business day after day. So what are you waiting for?

Galigeo Design Studio Successful Customers

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Galigeo For Design Studio Extension - Custom Geodata ESRI ArcGIS Connector

Your own geodata

Leverage your ESRI ArcGIS investment, or import your static files in just two clicks

Galigeo For Design Studio let you blend any geographical level with any metrics, as many times as necessary, to create the maps your applications need.

Administrative boundaries, custom sales regions, oil pipelines, subway railroads, … there is no limit to what you can see on the map!

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Custom actions for custom applications

Fully personalize your applications by defining custom actions driven by your maps

Perfectly integrated into Design Studio, Galigeo For Design Studio offers a wide range of possibilities to define custom behaviors when an action is triggered from the map.

Zoom, filter, drill-down into a hierarchy, drill-through, … the end-user experience can be fully mastered in order to focus on what matters: your business.

Bidirectionnal, Galigeo maps can natively interact with the other components of the application, and vice-versa, making them a centerpiece to drive the behavior of your BI apps.

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Galigeo For Design Studio Custom Actions Drill-down

Galigeo For Design Studio Smart Mapping Custom Visualization

Maps that reflect your business

Customize the look and feel of your maps to fulfill your business requirements

Galigeo For Design Studio comes with the possibility to choose the way your KPI will be displayed on the map, while never leaving the Design Studio environment.

Heatmaps, Conditional Formatting, Label, Custom Choropleth, … the limit is your imagination

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Main Features

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Selection tool- Simple
- Advanced ( allows to define geographic area and retrieve information to be displayed in an interactive tab ) :
> multi selections
> data ordering
> calculation on metrics
> data export in csv
> save/open selections

Multidimensional dataAll methods are world class GIS level to offer the best relevant visualization capabilities and data can be plotted on any dimension (time, product families, customer types)
Thematic wizard
Unique symbol
Range of colors
Individual colors
Proportional symbols
Pie charts
Label thematic
Point/Line/Polygon support
Multi countriesLocal reference system data supported
Smart Legend Dynamic legend which displays map content relevant description:
- clear map legend
- configurable title and label
- control of visibility
- control of layer transparency
- WYSIWYG legend
HeatmapGaligeo Heatmap relies on proven calculation methods to offer great visualization as well as true relevant analysis on metrics distribution according:
- geographic distance
- any metrics
- any geographic level (points or polygon)
ClusteringDynamic clustering optimize visualization of multiple geographic objects by aggregate them according:
- geographic distance
- minimum # of objects
- points of polygons
Display BI Data on one click
Geographic zoom
Navigation bar
Show/Hide layers
Order layers
Selection tools
Data grid
Areas' KPIs
Data export
Drill through (Geo reports)
Drill down (Multi-layers)
BI System
XY to mapUse directly your X,Y coordinates stored in your database
Multidimensionnal data sources (BI, BEX, XY, ...)
Data Bases ( Oracle, SQL server, PostGreSQL, SyBase, Access)
Web basemaps ArcGIS Online, OpenStreetMap, Specific background maps
Direct Shapefile connexion
ESRI integration (Map services, Multi-coordSYS)
Default Geodata Catalog / Custom Geodata
Distance as the crow flies analysisThis powerful function allows to calculate isochrone area and to select all relevant objects included in this different area
Drive/Walk distance/Time analysisDrive time estimation with real-time or historic traffic data
Geographic databaseSDE Database, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, Teradata, SAP HANA Spatial via ArcGIS Server
ESRI integration (Map services, Base Maps & Operation layers, Multi-coordSYS)
Motion Map (Time Slider)
Dynamic mapping and visualization (movie) of located time series data, dynamic infographic for each located time serieNA
Personal Data Import
Advanced selection
Street View
Compliance with the terms and conditions of Google Street ViewNA

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