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Rich location analysis capabilities and data visualization

Galigeo mapping for IBM Cognos brings rich location analysis capabilities and data visualization to IBM Cognos application. Galigeo for IBM Cognos integrates with IBM Cognos to provide geospatial data, enabling the Cognos Package data model through the identification of geographic dimensions of the data. We empower our users to build informational reports and dashboards to analyze their business data using maps and spatial tools.

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Galigeo: A strong partnership and integration with IBM

Read Solution Brief by IBM «  Galigeo and IBM: visualizing the competitive landscape ».

IBM Cognos Business Analytics – Smarter Business Maps with Galigeo

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From basic mapping to geo mapping, integrate huge volume of data and visualize how sales territories, competitors, micro markets based on your customers and prospects, channels and infrastructure networks impact your business. From Report Studio, Authors can in a few clicks integrate business maps for an easier and broader use of their reports.

Any Cognos Query/Report containing geographic dimensions now have the ability to integrate an interactive map of the measures, metrics, & KPIs contained in the Cognos Package. Adding this location intelligence capability to the IBM Cognos reporting enhances the data analysis & drill-down analysis of measures & KPIs across the aggregated data dimensions, including now the geographic dimension.

IBM Systems

IBM Business partner
Galigeo, together with IBM PureApplications enables common customers a higher return on investment through a fast and easy deployment of both Galigeo and IBM software.

IBM Smarter Commerce

IBM smarter commerce
Use Galigeo location mapping software for advanced consumer location analytics for a 360-degree view of the customer across all brand touchpoints. Galigeo helps Retailers and Brands Merge digital and physical channels by optimizing site location and territory management.

Mapping integrated with Cognos

With mapping for IBM Cognos, user-friendly ergonomics that combine modernity, simplicity and efficiency Creation of cartographic analysis :

  • Display your data on a map
  • Creation of cartographic analysis: Choice of data (Hana, Universe, Bex..) method of statistical calculation, choice of visualization
  • Navigation, data mining and analysis
  • Select zones and analyse indicators
  • Evaluate data to obtain detailed reports and insights from Cognos
Mapping for IBM Cognos - Embed maps
Mapping for IBM Cognos - Dataviz

Data Representation (Geo Viz):

  • Modern BI: Get more from your data
  • Represent your indicators on different levels: geographical areas, neighbourhoods, stores, networks, customers…
  • Wide range of tools tailored to analyse your data (linear, surface, punctual): flat colours, proportional circles, real heat maps (based on indicators), graphs…

Selection and territory analysis
(Geo Analysis)

Tools to analyse and select objects of interest on a map :

  • Drill-down: Selection and filtering of geographic data
  • Select a point by clicking or with a free drawing by iso-distance
  • Detailed visualization of objects in a table
  • Statistical analysis of selections
  • Export/Import selections and export data in CSV
  • Display detailed BI reports and filter from geographic selection
Mapping for IBM Cognos - Drill down hierarchy

Main Features

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Selection tool- Simple
- Advanced ( allows to define geographic area and retrieve information to be displayed in an interactive tab ) :
> multi selections
> data ordering
> calculation on metrics
> data export in csv
> save/open selections

Multidimensional dataAll methods are world class GIS level to offer the best relevant visualization capabilities and data can be plotted on any dimension (time, product families, customer types)
Thematic wizard
Unique symbol
Range of colors
Individual colors
Proportional symbols
Pie charts
Label thematic
Point/Line/Polygon support
Multi countriesLocal reference system data supported
Smart Legend Dynamic legend which displays map content relevant description:
- clear map legend
- configurable title and label
- control of visibility
- control of layer transparency
- WYSIWYG legend
HeatmapGaligeo Heatmap relies on proven calculation methods to offer great visualization as well as true relevant analysis on metrics distribution according:
- geographic distance
- any metrics
- any geographic level (points or polygon)
ClusteringDynamic clustering optimize visualization of multiple geographic objects by aggregate them according:
- geographic distance
- minimum # of objects
- points of polygons
Display BI Data on one click
Geographic zoom
Navigation bar
Show/Hide layers
Order layers
Selection tools
Data grid
Areas' KPIs
Data export
Drill through (Geo reports)
Drill down (Multi-layers)
BI System
XY to mapUse directly your X,Y coordinates stored in your database
Multidimensionnal data sources (BI, BEX, XY, ...)
Data Bases ( Oracle, SQL server, PostGreSQL, SyBase, Access)
Web basemaps ArcGIS Online, OpenStreetMap, Specific background maps
Direct Shapefile connexion
ESRI integration (Map services, Multi-coordSYS)
Default Geodata Catalog / Custom Geodata
Print templates
PDF, PNG export
Distance as the crow flies analysisThis powerful function allows to calculate isochrone area and to select all relevant objects included in this different area
Drive/Walk distance/Time analysisDrive time estimation with real-time or historic traffic data
Geographic databaseSDE Database, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, Teradata, SAP HANA Spatial via ArcGIS Server
ESRI integration (Map services, Base Maps & Operation layers, Multi-coordSYS)
Motion Map (Time Slider)
Dynamic mapping and visualization (movie) of located time series data, dynamic infographic for each located time serie
Personal Data Import
Advanced selection
Street View
Compliance with the terms and conditions of Google Street View
Mapping report
Creating geo visualization
Layer management groups
Setting the sheet information
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