Success stories

From SMEs to global groups, our clients enthuse about their geomarketing project experiences. Whatever their business sector (retail, transport, banking, security, telecoms, etc.), they reap the full benefit of location intelligence in order to improve their performance.

Putting their trust in us

With the help of Galigeo experts, all these companies have succeeded in making data analysis and mapping their best business ally. Read their stories.

Retail catchment area - Galigeo
Retail catchment area - Carrefour


Carrefour aims to boost retail performance with its catchment area software.

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Smart city analytics
Smart city analytics

City of Paris

When mapping analysis improves the smart city. The French capital has chosen to use the Galigeo geospatial business intelligence platform. Its aim is to get a better understanding of residents’ habits and behaviours as regards waste and set up waste collection accordingly.

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Cora revolutionises POS communication with location intelligence
Cora revolutionises POS communication with location intelligence


Cora revolutionises POS communication with location intelligence.

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Geomarketing software - Darty
Geomarketing software


Geomarketing software to boost store network.

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Crime prediction - Gendarmerie nationale
Crime prediction - Gendarmerie nationale

Gendarmerie Nationale

Improving crime prediction with location intelligence. To bolster its pragmatic approach to the fight against crime, the institution has chosen to rely on Galigeo’s geospatial business intelligence platform.

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sales territory mapping
Sales territory mapping

General Electric Healthcare

Big data comes to the rescue of sales territory mapping for General Electric Healthcare, a world leader in the manufacture of medical imaging equipment.

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Sales visit plan - Giropharm
Sales visit plan - Giropharm


The power of mapping as a sales visit plan. With Galigeo’s sales prospecting tool, the Giropharm network of pharmacies creates balanced sales territories.

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Salesforce adoption
Salesforce adoption - Heineken


Boosting CRM adoption with location intelligence. With the implementation of Galigeo for its CRM in SaaS mode, Salesforce, Heineken’s sales force is finding client data easier to use and a lot more user‑friendly.

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Client meetings up 30% thanks to sales route optimisation. Nhoss is a manufacturer of vaporisers and e‑liquids based in Lille, France.

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Analyse prédictive chez SNCF - Galigeo

SNCF Security

SNCF uses predictive analytics to ensure transport safety without increasing costs. SNCF Security put its trust in the Galigeo geospatial business intelligence platform to optimise decision‑making.

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Paris Retail Week - 24.25.26 sept. 2019 Paris Retail Week - 24.25.26 sept. 2019
Paris Retail Week

Quand ? Mardi 24 Septembre 2019 à 14h. Où ? Salon Paris Retail Week, salle 4.


Comment tirer le meilleur du géomarketing prédictif afin de développer et animer un réseau de PDV ?

Une conférence au salon Paris Retail Week 2019, présentée par Dan Ohnona, Directeur de l’immobilier et de l’expansion du Groupe Fnac Darty.

Inscrivez-vous et trouvez les réponses aux problématiques suivantes :

  • Développement de nouveaux formats : grands magasins, magasins de proximité, gares et aéroports, en succursale ou en franchise.
  • Définition du mix produits optimal en fonction du format, de la concurrence et du mode d’exploitation
  • Modélisation automatique de la cannibalisation
  • Paramétrage optimal de la zone de chalandise à l’IRIS